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Yospace and Capella Partner at NAB to Deliver Better Advertising for Live Sports

Groundbreaking innovation in live event channel orchestration and editorially-led commercial breaks.

Yospace and Capella Partner at NAB to Deliver Better Advertising for Live Sports<p><em>Groundbreaking innovation in live event channel orchestration and editorially-led commercial breaks.</em></p>
Categories:   April 7, 2023

Staines-upon-Thames, UK (April 6, 2023) – Yospace, the pioneer of server-side ad
insertion (SSAI), will partner with Capella Systems to offer an all-in-one solution that manages
live encoding and server-side ad insertion. This system is part of Yospace’s new Orchestration
system, which is designed to handle the needs of ad-driven live sporting events. This new
module will be showcased by Yospace at NAB 2023 at booth #W3043, and by Capella
Systems at booth #W3809.

“As broadcasters are no longer tethered to the traditional broadcast channels for digital first
content, they are looking for solutions to reliably deliver live digital content to allow them to
maximize audience choice. With that comes the need to monetize this content effectively”,
said Tim Sewell, CEO of Yospace. “Server-side ad insertion places precise demands on the
encoding and packaging of live streaming. Working with Capella for encoding and packaging
has allowed us to not only guarantee wide player compatibility for one-off live events, but a
groundbreaking new way to curate ad opportunities.”

Cambria’s groundbreaking web UI provides real time monitoring of the encoded feed,
providing the ability for operators to dynamically insert accurate ad breaks from anywhere in
the world. Cambria Live ingests live signals, and then encodes the video while inserting SCTE-
35 ad markers triggered by presentation operators into the output stream. The Yospace
Orchestration system can initiate multiple Cambria Live instances in the cloud as needed,
offering a rapidly scalable solution.

“SSAI workflows can be quite challenging, and Yospace has proven themselves to be the
experts in the field. We are proud that Yospace has chosen Capella’s Cambria Live solution
for integration into Orchestrella’s sports platform,” said Ikuyo Yamada, CEO and Founder of
Capella Systems.

Yospace and Capella are demonstrating their all-in-one live encoding and SSAI solution at
NAB Show, Las Vegas Convention Center, April 16-19, on booths W3043 and W3809.
Demonstrations can be booked via Yospace ( or Capella
Systems (

About Yospace
Yospace is the foremost provider of server-side ad insertion (SSAI) technology in the world
today. Its solution allows live streams and on demand (VoD) content to be monetized for OTT
in a way that is true to the seamless viewer experience of linear television, while opening up
benefits of digital advertising such as one-to-one addressability and real-time measurement.
Yospace is a division of the RTL Group. Customers include; DirecTV, Fox, Sky, ITV, Channel
4, TV4, TV2, Telia, RTL, Seven, Nine & Optus.

About Capella Systems
Capella Systems offers software-based VOD transcoding, live encoding and packaging
solutions that can be installed on premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid solution.

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