Cambria FTC

Smart, innovative, next-generation transcoding software.

Future-proof Engine

Cambria FTC already supports 8K, 12-bit and HDR. It also supports 64-bit processing for major codecs.

Black Frame/Color Bar Removal Filter

Automatically remove black frames and color bars during transcoding.

Amazon S3 Support

Read from and write to files in Amazon S3 cloud storage. Run Cambria FTC in AWS cloud services while reading and writing files from your on-premises storage.

Audio Normalizer

Cambria FTC includes an audio normalizer for EBU R128 compliance.

Video/Audio Rewrapping and Pass-through

Change containers and trim without re-encoding; pass-through AC-3 audio while preserving metadata; or normalize audio without touching the video.

Automatic Target Setting

Cambria FTC can automatically set target settings based on properties of the source file, such as automatically preserving the resolution, frame rate, interlacing and aspect ratio of the original.

Audio and Captions

The Multitrack Engine handles each audio and metadata track as its own entity. Normalize each audio track separately and add multiple closed caption files for different languages.

Source Adaptive Bitrate Ladders

Automatically adjust the bitrate ladder used for DASH, HLS or Smooth Streaming based on the encoding complexity of the source video.

Watch Folder

The Cambria Watch Folder automates batch transcoding jobs. Define your presets for a Watch Folder and simply drop a file on it to start converting automatically. The Watch Folder also supports post-conversion tasks such as FTP/network retrieval and notification via email.

Growing File Support

When using certain video formats, Watch Folders can begin transcoding while the source file is being written or captured to disk.


Transcoding jobs and resources can be easily controlled through an API. Cambria FTC’s REST architecture is similar to popular APIs such as Facebook or Twitter and is familiar to developers.

EZ Titles Subtitles Plug-in

The EZ Titles plug-in works seamlessly within Cambria FTC. Burn in or embed closed captions in EIA608, EIA708, DVB or teletext format. Embed multiple languages as separate caption tracks as well.

Scriptable Workflows

Cambria FTC helps create intelligent workflows by supporting scripts that automatically set transcoding options (for encoding, filters, etc.) based on the properties of the source. Example workflows:

  • Encode to same resolution as the source, and adjust bitrate based on resolution.
  • Don’t encode to any MPEG DASH resolution greater than source resolution.
  • Pass through audio if source contains AC-3 data. Otherwise, encode source to AC-3.
  • Burn in subtitle text file to matching source files by same base file names.

Other Filters

Colors Control, Color Range Adjustment, 601/709 Correction, Denoiser, Temporal, Logo, Text Burn-in, Teletext Burn-in, DVB Subtitle Burn-in, XML titler, DVD Subtitle Burn-in, Subtitle Burn-in, Closed Caption Burn-in, SST, Timecode Burn-in, Timecode Overwrite, DVD Makers, Volume Adjustment, Audio Surround to Stereo, Audio Compressor, Audio Delay

HEVC encoder with NVIDIA NVENC

NVIDIA NVENC support significantly accelerates HEVC encoding speeds.

Teletext Extractor

Extract teletext subtitles from video streams and deliver them to target files.

Teletext Video Watermarking

Full integration with Teletrax’s newest SDK lets you embed a digital watermark and fingerprint whenever a video is edited, transmitted, broadcast, or duplicated.

VITC Generator

Create outputs with timecode stored in the VBI.

VITC Extractor

Extract timecode stored in the VBI.

SCTE35 Inject Filter

Insert SCTE35 markers into output streams based on ad cue points.

Color Channels Remapper

Map the Y channel to the Alpha channel.

Linux Support

Cambria products now offer Linux versions for more secure and stable transcoding, live encoding, and packaging.

Akamai NetStorage Retrieval

Read and transcode files directly from within NetStorage as well as upload encoded files.

Harmonic VOS360/VOS CNS Support

Cambria FTC transcodes multiple video file formats to VOS360-compatible multi-TS streams while ingesting SCTE35 markers based on ad cue points.

Web UI

An easy-to-use Web UI allows multiple users to access, monitor, and operate Cambria applications from any location.

We have always been great fans of Capella’s approach to how modern professional transcoding software should look, feel, and operate.

- Dimcho Daskaloff

Head of Marketing

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