Cambria Live Packager Manager

A powerful tool that effectively manages high-volume packaging jobs across multiple Cambria Live Packagers.

Incoming Signal Health Check

Cambria Live Packager Manager monitors the health of incoming audio and video signals.

Cambria Live Packager Manager Redundancy

Cambria Live Packager Manager can be made fully redundant by adding a backup Cambria Live Packager Manager. In the event of a failure to the main Cambria Live Packager Manager, the backup takes over immediately without downtime.

ESAM Integration

Cambria Live Packager can post/fetch ESAM XML with ad splice points and insert SCTE35 markers for ad pod insertion.

API Support

Send ad insertion information via API.

Cambria Live Packager Failover

Cambria Live Packager Manager can reassign a job to an available Cambria Live Packager workstation in case of a failure on the network.


Live Packager Manager notifications keep you updated and help you monitor live streaming jobs and the health of each Cambria Live workstation.

As the list of features grows with each release of Cambria, we have been able to simplify our workflows that would have required many tools or functions. It can now be completed in a single transcoding step.

- Michael Moorfiled

Global Broadcast Services Manager

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