Cambria Live Broadcast Manager

A powerful management tool for high-volume live streaming broadcasters

API Support

Send ad insertion information via API

Cambria Live Machine Failover

Cambria Live Broadcast Manager can reassign a job to an available Cambria Live workstation in case of a failure on the network.


BCM notifications keep you updated and help you monitor live streaming jobs and the health of each Cambria Live machine.


BCM includes a scheduler that allows broadcasters to automatically start and stop streams of registered live events. Operators can present multiple live events with individual project settings and recurring timetables. It also includes a pre-roll feature for cueing pre-prepared content before any scheduled event

Ad Cancellation

Terminate an ad early by using the ad cancellation feature.

External Commercial Signal Support

Cambria Live Broadcast Manager responds to the commercial cue tones output by master control that indicate a switch from a live broadcast to a commercial or vice versa. This capability allows streaming simulcasts to seamlessly replace a broadcast’s commercials with streaming-optimized versions, or even cue new commercials to the live program.

Cambria FTC helped optimize our workflow by offering more robust handling of MXF source files and reducing time spent on manual intervention.

- Jan Ekman

Senior System Engineer

Case Study