Cambria Live Broadcast Manager

A powerful management tool for high-volume live streaming broadcasters

Benchmark /
Test Machine

  • CPU Intel Core i7-7820X @ 3.60GHz (8-core Skylake X)
  • Memory 16 GB
  • Operating System Windows 10 SP1 64-bit
  • PCIe Slot for Capture Board Slot 3
Cambria Live Broadcast Manager
Control Live MachinesUp to 20 Machines
Scheduler for Live ProgramsUp to 100 Programs
Program FailoverYes
Manger Redundancy Yes
SDI Routing SupportAJA KUMO 1616
Ad Insertion TriggersManual, SCTE35/104, ARIB STD-B39, ESAM, External Signal, Software Cue, Timecode Cue
Monitoring/MaintenanceProgram Video/Audio Preview Widows, Program Errors, Signal Detection, Cambria Live Health and Scheduled Reboots, Email Alerts, Prometheus and AWS Cloud Watch Integration
Control Manual, Automation, API
Control Live MachinesUp to 20 Machines