Cambria Ad Break Controller

Easy to-use, cost-effective tool to monetize live events

Easy to-use, cost-effective tool to monetize live events. Operators can dynamically insert ad breaks into a broadcast system and monitor multiple live streams. Cambria Live Ad Break Control routes ad insertion cues to Cambria Live Broadcast Manager, where programming is encoded into MPEG-Dash, HLS and CMAF with SCTE-35 for SSAI.

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Product Screenshot
Product Screenshot

The Zoom feature allows the operator to zoom in on a specific part of a video, such as a scoreboard,  to help determine optimal ad insertion points.

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Prepare full pods of ads for viewers in advance of upcoming breaks to ensure ads are always queued, even in live streaming events with high viewership.

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The operator can quickly go to an emergency ad break during a live stream to address unforeseen incidents.

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Cambria Ad Break Control integrates with Yospace telemetry. It displays the viewership count of each live streaming event to help the operator optimize monetization opportunities and insert ads into the most-viewed events.

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Intersperse live segments throughout an ad break to increase audience engagement.

We have always been great fans of Capella’s approach to how modern professional transcoding software should look, feel, and operate.

- Dimcho Daskaloff

Head of Marketing

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