Cambria Live is a great product we work very closely with Capella team. We know that any customers adapting Cambria live for the purpose of server side ad insertion will save themselves a lot of stress and difficulties.

- David Spingal CEO and Founder

Realizing monetization opportunities in partner with Capella’s Cambria Live Series

Yospace is a content distribution innovator specializing in server-side dynamic ad insertion for live and on-demand streaming. The company’s groundbreaking, dynamic ad-insertion technology for live streaming with user-addressable, frame-accurate and seamless ad insertion has been deployed and trusted by major broadcasters worldwide. 

Challenges for customers

Online audiences continue to grow rapidly, and a new generation of first-time Internet viewers joins the crowd every day. This audience is a huge monetization opportunity for broadcasters using programmatic ad placement. Monetization, scale and viewer experience are the three key pillars of major television events. Successfully executing these three pillars is extremely difficult in an environment where viewing records are broken on a regular basis and demand for data enriched advertising is increasing. Broadcasters require not only a state-of-the-art SSAI solution, but encoding and packaging solutions that can work seamlessly with SSAI to maximize monetization opportunities at minimal operational cost with maximum reliability. 

“I cannot stress enough how important it is to choose an encoder and packager that are specifically designed to handle SSAI,” says David Springall, Yospace CTO. “The time and cost savings for using SSAI-optimized encoding and packaging solutions like Cambria products is massive.”

Yospace + Capella solutions

The Cambria Live broadcast streaming platform is fully integrated with Yospace. Cambria Live Ad Break Control provides real-time viewership numbers of feeds to help you place ad breaks on your most popular channels. Furthermore, it also supports Yospace prefetch and advance bidding so you can prepare breaks ahead of time – must-have features to realize the full potential of programmatic ad networks. Cambria Live Packager can ingest ESAM XML with ad splice points and insert SCTE-35 markers into your video for ad pod insertion. Cambria products are specifically designed to reduce the complexity of your SSAI workflow and achieve high reliability. 


Capella Systems based improvements to its Cambria product line upon the detailed recommendations Yospace gave their customers regarding preparing an encoding and packaging workflow. “Cambria Live is a great product. We work very closely with the team at Capella, and we are really pleased with the quality of output,” says Springall. “I know that customers adopting their solution will be delighted with the ease of integration allowing them to focus on building a sustainable next generation television.” Yospace uses Cambria Live streams in both HLS and MPEG-Dash as permanent reference streams for their development team today.