We are pleased to have built a true partnership with Capella. I can count on them to solve our customer’s most challenging topics at any time, allowing us to deliver the best solutions to our customers.

- Jutta Schoenhaar Managing Director, x-dream-distribution GmbH

Delivering the most versatile live encoding and offline transcoding solutions by partnering with Capella.

Part of the x-dream-group, x-dream distribution selects innovative but mature software products that can address the challenges in media industries today. Based in Munich, x-dream distribution services major broadcasters, IPTV, web and post-production houses in EMEA.
With many years of expertise in the industry, x-dream was the first company to introduce Capella products to European customers.

Challenges of Customers

x-dream recognized early on that nearly all their customers’ workflows would benefit from using a next-generation transcoder and live encoder, but there were few versatile and flexible software-based solutions available.

Jutta Schoenhaar, managing director of x-dream-distribution GmbH:

“We talk to customers about many different types of projects, ranging from VOD, OTT and IPTV. Part of our conversations always turn to transcoding and/or live encoding topics. Customers are looking for next-generation transcoders and live encoders that can be easily integrated with their existing workflow and that will continue to evolve in this fast-changing market.”

x-dream + Capella Solutions

x-dream discovered Capella back in 2010 during the company’s early stages developing a next-generation transcoder. Unlike other competitors focused on developing complex and expensive standalone solutions for transcoding and live encoding, Capella developed transcoding and live encoding engines that were highly customizable and easy to integrate into existing workflows.

“I thought Capella’s approach was more appealing to our customers who wanted to simply plug in transcoding and live encoding engines into their existing workflow systems. Cambria products’ rest-based API is very easy to use, and its powerful script feature allows you to customize the workflow with ease. I was also looking for a long-term partner who could keep up with ever-changing demands in the market. Capella seemed to be a good fit, with a very fast development cycle and willingness to help customers.”

x-dream-media, also a company of the x-dream-group, offers a product called OneGUI, which is a central job control system for transcoding, ingest, QC and file transport tools. Cambria products are fully integrated into OneGUI to create a powerful and convenient joint solution for customers.


x-dream-distribution has distributed Capella’s Cambria FTC and Cambria Live to a wide range of customers in Europe. Cambria FTC is now deployed by major broadcasters in more than 10 countries in Europe and even more worldwide. In partnership with Capella, x-dream has been able to solve complicated customer issues, including supporting European-specific standards, integration into complex workflows, supporting new formats and transitioning from SDR to HDR workflows.

“We are pleased to have built a true partnership with Capella,” says Jutta Schoenhaar. “I can count on them to solve our customer’s most challenging topics at any time, allowing us to deliver the best solutions to our customers.”