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Capella Systems Returns In-Person to IBC to Show the Latest Versions of Cambria FTC 4.7 and Cambria Live 4.7

Capella Systems Returns In-Person to IBC to Show the Latest Versions of Cambria FTC 4.7 and Cambria Live 4.7
Categories:   November 16, 2021

San Jose, CA (11/01/2021) – After nearly two years, Capella Systems returns to IBC for an in-person exhibit at booth Stand1.F22 at RAI December 3–6. “We are so excited to be back at a real-life exhibition finally,” says Ikuyo Yamada, CEO of Capella Systems. “We’ve really missed interacting with our customers and partners, and I can’t wait to show them the latest features in Cambria FTC and Cambria Live.”

Cambria FTC is Capella’s next-generation, scalable transcoder, which runs on local workstations or in the cloud. Its new hybrid load-balancing feature can divert file processing to cloud servers when an on-site Cambria Cluster reaches maximum capacity, allowing users to extend their transcoding capacity on the fly.

Cambria FTC V4.7 supports encoding directly from S3 as well as retrieving directly from S3. It has a new UI to set up and control hybrid load-balancing, allowing users to add or remove EC2 instances, with a tool to scale EC2 instances up or down dynamically. Cambria FTC can now read and write files directly from on-premises storage while FTC runs in Amazon Cloud. Cambria FTC adjusts its file locations based on the job location, writing files to local storage if Cambria FTC runs on a workstation or to the cloud in a virtual environment.

“We are adding many new features and enhancements to make cloud-based transcoding as seamless as possible,” says Yamada. “These new features will allow our customers to run a hybrid workflow smoothly, including both local and cloud transcoding jobs.”

Cambria FTC V4.7 now exports ATS, HEV1, and AV1 files. With Akamai NetStorage Retrieval and Post Task upload support, users can easily fit Cambria FTC into existing Akamai workflows.

New updates to the Cambria Live software-based live production, encoding, and distribution suite will also show at InterBEE. Cambria Live V4.7 now supports the Skaarhoj Live Fly midsize controller, allowing a single operator to switch a live production. “We are thrilled to work with Skaarhoj, as many of our broadcast customers prefer physical hardware for live production,” says Martin Belleau, Capella Systems VP of Engineering. “Adding Skaarhoj support to Cambria Live’s software interface gives them the best of both worlds.”

Cambria Live Editor is a standalone application that runs on any workstation on a Cambria Live network, allowing users to create highlight clips during a live event. New segment stitching modes in Cambria Live and Cambria Live Editor allow users to use high-resolution source files as primary inputs to create highlight clips from files used during live events.

For live demo of Cambria Live and Cambria FTC, please visit Capella Systems Stand1.F22.

For more information on Capella systems, please visit