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Capella Systems Releases Version 4.6 of Cambria FTC, Cambria Live and Cambria Packager Series

Capella Systems Releases Version 4.6 of Cambria FTC, Cambria Live and Cambria Packager Series
Categories:   May 15, 2021

San Jose, CA (May 15, 2021) – Capella Systems, a market leader designing simple yet powerful software-based transcoding and live streaming tools, has released version 4.6 updates of Cambria FTC, Cambria Live and Cambria Live Packager Series.

Cambria FTC is a next-generation, scalable transcoder used by leading broadcasters, IPTV and OTT professionals worldwide. Cambria FTC V4.6 includes a new Cambria Monitoring Tool, allowing Prometheus and Grafana users to monitor Capella applications via web-based dashboards.

“The Cambria Monitoring Tool streamlines the stable operation of the Cambria FTC, Cambria Live and Broadcast Manager applications by combining oversight into a single dashboard. This new upgrade gives our users the ability to instantly grasp the overall health and performance of all their Capella applications and immediately respond to trouble,” says Ikuyo Yamada, CEO of Capella Systems.

Cambria FTC V4.6 now supports the AV1 codec in its elementary stream exporter. It also offers an option to create SMIL files for the adaptive streaming V2 exporter. An enhancement to the EZTitles plug-in now allows its use in MPEG-2 TS passthrough jobs.

This update to the Cambria Live Series, Capella Systems’ software-based live encoding suite for broadcast professionals, adds some significant new features and enhancements. Cambria Live V4.6 now supports RTP FEC for a more robust and stable stream. It also reduces encoding times by sharing the same encoder across various ABR targets such as CMAF, DASH and HLS.

“Increasing throughput is always a challenge for customers who want to process more video in a shorter amount of time. We believe this new shared encoding process will help many of our users get more work done in the same amount of time,” adds Yamada.

Cambria Live V4.6 now embeds ARIB B-37 closed captioning into the transport stream as required by Japanese customers. Improvements to the Program Loop feature add a Resume function and new helper scripts that make it quicker and easier to create custom Program Loop scripts.

Ad insertion upgrades in Cambria Live V4.6 include back-to-back ad insertion support, inserting SCTE35 and SCTE104 ad signals via an external signal, and conversion between ARIB signals and SCTE ad signals. Finally, a new web UI for the Cambria Live Packager makes configuring, monitoring and managing Cambria Live Packager jobs more intuitive.

Please contact Capella Systems at to schedule a full demo of Cambria FTC V4.6, Cambria Live V4.6 and Cambria Packager series V4.6. You can also request a trial license from our website (