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Capella Systems Introduces Upgrades in Cambria FTC 4.2 and Cambria Live 4.2 at NAB 2019

Capella Systems Introduces Upgrades in Cambria FTC 4.2 and Cambria Live 4.2 at NAB 2019
Categories:   March 27, 2019

San Jose, CA (March 27, 2019) – Capella Systems will show the latest versions of Cambria FTC 4.2 and Cambria Live 4.2 in Las Vegas at the 2019 NAB Show from April 8-11. Visit booth #SU11702 in the South Upper Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center to get a full demonstration of Capella’s products and their new features.

Cambria FTC is Capella’s next-generation, scalable transcoder, which runs on local workstations or in the cloud. A new hybrid load-balancing feature can divert file processing to cloud servers when an on-site Cambria Cluster reaches maximum capacity, allowing users to expand their transcoding capacity on the fly. Cambria FTC’s cloud service is a pay-as-you-go model instead of a subscription, so users only pay for what they need, as they need it.

“We are excited to offer this flexible, cost-effective, cloud-based transcoding solution to our users. Now they can continue working in peak volume situations without the delay of having to physically add permanent licenses and workstations,” says Ikuyo Yamada, CEO of Capella Systems.

The new Cambria FTC Packager feature imports elementary streams and exports them to various ABR formats such as HLS, DASH, and Microsoft Smooth Streaming. Cambria FTC and Cambria FTC Packager support creation and preservation of SCTE-35 markers for ad pod insertion.

“An increasing number of broadcasters are adapting to server-side ad insertion, so we have ensured that Cambria FTC and Cambria FTC Packager offer complete support for an SSAI workflow,” says Yamada.

Cambria FTC 4.2 now supports Dolby Atmos audio as well as Dolby Vision, utilizing the latest Dolby SDK and its dynamic encoding settings enable accelerated, high-quality HEVC encoding with minimal processing time.

Finally, Cambria FTC’s unique Detect Matching Video feature can compare a reference video file against new programming and identify the matching segments, allowing you to easily replace parts of the archived video and republish it today.

Cambria Live is Capella’s software-based professional broadcast suite for production, encoding and distribution. It integrates with SSAI platforms, including Yospace, Brightcove, and YouTube. Cambria Live 4.2 now outputs in CMAF to provide high-quality streams with the lowest latency. With a powerful new tool, Cambria Live Ad Break Control, operators can dynamically insert ad breaks into a broadcast system as they monitor multiple live streams.

Cambria Live Broadcast Manager 4.2, which handles automated live streaming workflows, now supports Yospace Sparse ad break, a feature that allows broadcasters to intersperse live segments throughout an ad break to increase audience engagement. It also supports Brightcove’s ID3 cue points for ad insertion.

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